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To put it simply: Production and DAM need to join up, find content that may be appropriate, and then adapt.

The confluence of production and DAM has the ability to create a targeted and meaningful piece of marketing or advertising with minimal human intervention, if planned correctly from the beginning. That’s a winning formula.

The biggest barrier to this perpetual motion machine is unfortunately the inertia of creatives’ and agencies’ current ways of working. They are deeply ingrained. Therefore, we must move towards a mentality of re-use and repurposing in this data-driven world.

The ultimate goal: Increasing asset value

The lines between production and DAM technologies will continue to blur, as relatively recent functionality added to DAM systems include actions like taking clips from a video file, or adapting a layered Adobe file. Whether it’s a brochure that will be sent to the printer, an episodic video, or the distribution of banner ads to websites, linking these systems can provide valuable capabilities to facilitate the adapted, personalized, and effective delivery of digital media – not just creation and collaboration. Many global teams, and their regional counterparts, are often in some dizzying array of shifts and shake-ups to centralize or decentralize capabilities. As often as things may change, there should remain one constant: the organization’s willingness to create and support new roles and functions focused on increasing asset value.

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