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Data maturity is smart data. It doesn’t just describe an asset. It provides context to the business domain, it can be used for automation and personalization, and it can measure success through tracking content performance and asset reuse. It can streamline operational efficiencies and unify the enterprise in a cohesive ecosystem where workflows can be leveraged across platforms.

Data aesthetics in data visualization is an emerging field that will continue to quickly evolve to provide humans with beautiful graphs and interactive modules to help them understand patterns found in large data sets. Approach your data as a DAM best-in-breed and help prepare your organization for future innovations.

"Data Maturity: How to use your Data" is a chapter from the Ebook, A Guide to Data in Digital Asset Management, published in partnership with Tenovos. Check out the full ebook or listen to the accompanying podcast featuring Madi Weland-Solomon and other data & DAM experts:


A Guide to Data in Digital Asset Management


Laying the foundation: Data in Digital Asset Management

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