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The Future of Content

Follow along with Sasha, a modern millennial consumer, as she engages with brands and their content. ICP provides valuable insights for marketers alongside each interaction.

Meet Sasha

Meet Natasha. Her friends call her Sasha, or sometimes Sash. Most mornings she’s out the door of her Brooklyn, New York apartment before 7 a.m., sporting her fashionable running gear and her high-end running shoes, getting in her morning run before she starts work. Sasha is in her late 20s and works as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. She loves nights out and everything New York has to offer.

Despite the pandemic, Sasha stayed connected with the community: her local stores, and her friends. She trained her clients outside in local parks during the gym closures and quickly moved her yoga classes to Zoom. She even took the time to build her personal brand online, and now has people joining her yoga classes from far beyond New York. Though she spends quite a bit of time on Instagram and TikTok, human connections are important to her. She doesn’t want to give more money to Jeff Bezos so she buys directly from brands online, or she goes to stores. She loves to try on clothes and be tactile with her purchases.

Right content, right channel, right time.

As a marketer, you know you must leverage all marketing channels in order to win, engage, and retain your customers. It’s a constant process of building brand loyalty. It’s essential to anticipate and contribute to Sasha’s experience. Your team’s imperative is to blend creative automation and brand storytelling, culminating with compelling calls to action. Ideally, optimized content for each channel presents clear value for your customer, at the right place and the right time.