MLR and DAM: can technology facilitate a seamless dialogue?

In the Life Sciences industry, the Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MLR) review process is a key pillar of the content journey. Can it be seamlessly merged with DAM through a technology solution?


Almost every industry has some degree of regulation; rules that must be adhered to when storing, using or publishing content; directives are handed down by governments or other authorities; breaching of mandates could result in fines or other serious repercussions.

The processes and actions required to adhere to regulations in various industries can be extensive. Coupled with the explosion of digital content, omnichannel publishing and e-commerce (all accelerated by the pandemic), companies must find solutions to accelerate content deployments but still ensure compliance.

The Life Sciences industry, in particular, currently has the technology to support managing any medical, legal, regulatory or compliance mandates. These reviews traditionally happen after the campaign planning and design process - creating a convergence of compliance and creativity that are often at odds with each other, resulting in the need for a re-review. As enterprises look to automate, streamline and be more agile, they seek new ways to harmonize people and processes with potential technology solutions.

This white paper explores approaches and best practices for managing the end-to-end content journey in Life Sciences and, specifically, where the intersection of the MLR review and DAM plays a part.